San Mateo County:
Thank you!
Gracias por su apoyo!


I am grateful for your decisive support of good stewardship of our marine environments.  Winning over 70% of the vote, Edmundo Larenas and I have a clear mandate, and it is truly humbling to see how our message of conservation and honest oversight of the Harbor District spoke to the voters of San Mateo County. Thank you neighbors, friends, and fellow peninsula residents. 

Honest leadership for our world class marine environment

Serving San Mateo County to:

  • Protect and enhance our marinas and fisheries
  • Provide honest leadership and oppose offshore drilling
  • Ensure continued access and education for the public

Your Concerns Matter!

I know the value of being connected and welcome your input.  Harbor District Commissioners are the voice of the public, so stay in touch to help me understand your concerns.

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